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Pest Removal in Basildon: Get Rid of Pests Fast

We can help you protect your property from pests in Basildon

Pest ID offers a full range of pest control services in Basildon. We understand that you need a swift and professional response to your pest control issue. Our friendly and experienced team will offer you expert guidance and provide an effective solution, whether you are running a business or need to protect your home.

Our technicians are experts at dealing with all pests, from rodents to rabbits, birds to insects. We work hard to secure your satisfaction by taking a responsible approach to pest eradication and providing excellent customer service.

As well as offering residential pest control solutions in Basildon, we also service commercial clients of all sizes, including multi-site operations. We also provide specialised services to letting agents and landlords.

Common Basildon pests

First of all, what is the definition of a pest? After all, it’s helpful to know if you suspect you may have some on your property. A pest threatens public health, causes a loss of goodwill, becomes a nuisance through bites or stings or causes damage to your property. If you or anyone else who’s based at your property has been noticing any of those, then you probably do have a pest problem. Don’t worry though – we’ve got all the tools and knowledge to quickly get rid of the issue. We specialise in all rodents, insects and bird control.

Call in the bird control experts

If your properties is plagued with pigeons or gulls, our bird proofing service can help. Bird poo (guano) is acidic and can damage buildings, vehicles and stock. It is also a health risk, as dried guano can irritate your lungs. It also contains some very harmful bacteria and pathogens such as Salmonella and Psittacosis. Call Pest ID to clean up bird guano safely and efficiently from your premises.

Bird nests are another nuisance, especially if you have solar panels. We can remove nests from under solar panels and fit discreet meshing to stop further entry. This mesh will not invalidate your solar panel warranty. Check out our bird control website for more information.

We also clear blocked gutters of nests and debris; if left, bird nests can block gutters leading to dampness and leaks.

Experienced pest controllers

Perhaps you’ve been noticing a few more foxes than normal on your property, or you suspect that birds may be nesting in your roof. We deal with a wide array of pests daily. As well as foxes and birds, we tackle wasps, rodents, cockroaches, flies, and many more. We get rid of pests in shops, restaurants, hotels and lots of other kinds of premises too. We respect the fact that no two jobs are the same, and we approach each job with an open mind and an extremely close attention to detail.

The leading pest control service in Basildon

As one of Essex’s biggest and busiest towns, Basildon is home to a huge amount of homes, industries, businesses and shops. That means that a pest problem couldn’t just be a nuisance, but it could have the power to seriously endanger people’s livelihoods and health too. We’re the Basildon pest control that the locals trust, and you can find many testimonials on our site. We don’t add hefty call out charges onto our fees either, so you can easily budget for our services. With work starting on the same day you contact us, everything will be back to normal in no time at all.