Roofing pest removal in Essex: get rid of pests fast

pest id at the top of scaffolding

We can help you get rid of pests on your roofing

Moving bird problems on from your property can be a frustrating task at the best of times. Birds are protected by so much legislation that much care has to be taken to make sure it is done correctly and within the law.

We employ many methods of non-lethal proofing to keep birds away and limit the hazardous fouling they produce.

These include netting, spikes, audio scarers, gels, hawk kites and laser scarers. We can even arrange for Hawking to be carried out on your property as required.

a black hawk kite
bird gel in the eaves

Where necessary and with the appropriate species we can trap or humanely dispatch problem birds. Removing rogue birds from food premises and warehouses can also be achieved.

Bird proofing solar panels is very popular at the moment and stops birds getting attracted to the warmth generated under the panels.

We are competent and fully insured to deal with hotels. A site folder will remain at a designated point containing the following details:

  • site surveys
  • risk assessments
  • method statements
  • COSHH assessments
  • treatment reports
  • data sheets
  • your technicians qualifications
  • insurance certificates

Many insurance policies do not cover damage by pests, so don’t delay in calling us for a no-obligation survey and quote.