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Meet The Team

Ian Bright - CEO of Pest ID

Name: Ian Bright

Position: Managing Director

Qualifications: RSPH Level 2 Pest Management

Background: Founded Pest ID in 2016 after working 25 years in customer focused environments. Looking after clients’ needs has always been paramount and remains his core principle.

Passionate about pest control, Ian has built the business to a size where Pest ID are large enough to manage with confidence, numerous commercial clients, yet small enough to give ALL our clients the personal service that is so often missing in business these days.

With a strong IT drive, Ian strives to improve the company through continual professional development and innovations that allow Pest ID to be competitive in a market that is often slow to change.

Ian believes in building a family-oriented company culture.

Personal: Very much a family man, Devoted husband, father and grandfather. Enjoys skiing, racket sports and reminiscing about his 30 years of playing rugby. An unenthusiastic gym goer and golfer.

Name: Sharon Bright

Position: Director

Background: Originally from the banking sector, Sharon then worked in general practice.

Sharon has been a driving force in the successful development of Pest ID.

Joining Ian in setting up and establishing this new family business, Sharon still plays an active role in company matters.

Personal: Ian & Sharon are childhood sweethearts. Sharon combines looking after her grandchildren, family and friends with a great sense of humour (wicked laugh!) and a glass of wine. A whirlwind of energy, Sharon enjoys power-walking her poor dog for miles across a multitude of terrains.

Liam Searles - Director at Pest ID

Name: Liam Searles

Position: Director

Qualifications: RSPH Level 2 Pest Management

Background: Spent 6 years in the Metropolitan Police. Then, the opportunity arose to join this family-orientated business.

Starting out with Ian and Liam, the company quickly grew to the team it has become today.

Liam is progressing his pest control education to RSPH Level 3 to expand his depth of pest control knowledge.

Personal: Liam enjoys quality time with his wife and son. In his spare time, Liam plays rugby, golf and shooting. Loves BBQ’s with friends. Represented GB in Judo.

Comments: “I really do love being a part of Pest ID and the team we have around us. No day is the same and long may this working environment continue.”

James Mihill - Marketing Director of Midlands Division at Pest ID

Name: James Mihill

Position: Managing Director – Midlands Division

Qualifications: RSPH Level 2 Pest Management

Background: Previously worked 20 years in the fitness industry delivering exceptional customer service and maintaining high client retention.

In a moment of madness, James decided a change of direction was needed and ‘fell’ into the pest control industry.

Striving for great customer service and a thirst for continued learning (RSPH Level 2 trained, progressing to level 3), James has not looked back.

Personal: Voted UK Fitness Manager of the Year.

Enjoys breaks with his wife and family. Especially enjoys being outdoors as much as possible whether in the mountains, walking, skiing, cycling.

Comments: “I go to work every day with a passion for pests and a love of working in pest management.”

Terry Ashley - Senior Technician at Pest ID

Name: Terry Ashley

Position: Senior Technician

Qualifications: RSPH Level 3 Advanced Technician

Background: Terry is our most experienced technician with over 40 years in the pest control industry. As a Level 3 technician, Terry is a “fountain of knowledge”.

Terry’s attention to detail is evidenced by his work in many high class and historic buildings including the Houses of Parliament, and most of the London museums.

Personal: Terry enjoys walking his two dogs and keeping fit. Terry is a blackbelt in Judo and represented GB.

Comments: “A personal highlight was while working on a job at the BBC. The late great Terry Wogan offered me a cup of coffee in the legendary BBC canteen.

“After 40 years, I still look forward to going to work, meeting new people and facing new challenges. The job is never boring and it helps to work for such a friendly, can do company (don’t tell the boss I said that).”

Jo Allen - Office Manager at Pest ID

Name: Jo Allen

Position: Office Manager

Qualifications: RSPH Level 2 Safe Use of Rodenticide

Background: Jo previously spent over 20 years in the city as PA in the banking industry. Looking for a change of admin roles led to Pest ID.

Jo will probably be your first contact with Pest ID to offer advice and guidance. Recently completed a Pest Control Management qualification.

Personal: Away from work, Jo is a wife and mother to 3 children. She also has a passion for all things Disney.

Comments: “No two days are the same in my job and I can honestly say that I spend most of my time laughing, usually with customers (once I have coaxed them out of screaming and crying with fear over their pest issues).”

Name: Steve Kent

Position: Technician

Qualifications: RSPH Level 2 Pest Management

Background: Steve became a pest controller in 2016, RSPH registered 2018. 

Has an interest in the biological aspect of pest control and finds it rewarding helping clients with pest management.

Personal: At weekends, Steve enjoys riding his motorbike and socialising with friends.

Comments: “I’m very happy with the career path I have chosen with Pest ID – I couldn’t imagine myself in another industry.”

Michelle Mihill - RSPH Level 2 Technician for the Midlands Division at Pest ID

Name: Michelle Mihill

Position: Technician – Midlands Division

Qualifications: RSPH Level 2 Safe Use of Rodenticide

Background: Worked, previously, in the care sector and as a compliance officer in the pet food industry. 

Michelle recently qualified in pest management and brings a fresh take on how to approach pest control and relishes the opportunity to help people by solving their pest issues.

Personal: When not working, Michelle enjoys spending time with husband James and her children.

She also loves being outdoors and active, walking in the mountains, cycling, running marathons and ultramarathons.

Comments: Asked how she finds time to fit everything in, her answer is simple: “Do what you love, love what you do and the time needed will make itself available for your passions.”

Name: Bobby Ball

Position: Technician

Qualifications: RSPH Level 2 Pest Management

Background: As part of Pest ID’s continuing development and investment for the future, Bobby became our first apprentice technician. 

Joining in 2019, Bobby has always been and continues to be dedicated to providing effective solutions and service at an exceptional level.

His customer testimonials speak for themselves – always immensely positive!

Personal: When not tackling pests, Bobby likes attending music festivals and inline speed skating.

Bobby currently holds 15 National records, 34 British Champion titles and a 5th place with Team GB at European Championships.