Pub and club pest removal in Essex: get rid of pests fast

beer taps in a pub

We can help you get rid of pests in your pub or club

Protecting your pub or club’s reputation is very important indeed. Even the slightest hint of poor health and hygiene can send a frenzy of negative posts on social media and review sites. A pest management programme to keep pests at bay is far cheaper than being forced to make changes by an Environmental Health Officer or as a worst case scenario – how do you ever recover from being forcibly closed!

Pest ID can help reduce the threat of potential contamination and damage to your business. Allowing us to protect your reputation will allow you to go about your business and do what you do best.

Discretion is always used and we’re happy to conduct visits out of opening hours.

We understand that margins can be tight for small pubs and clubs, but as a local firm we have far fewer overheads that many pest controllers and can work a fully-tailored solution within your budgets.

We are competent and fully insured to deal with pubs and clubs. A site folder will remain at a designated point containing the following details:

  • site surveys
  • risk assessments
  • method statements
  • COSHH assessments
  • treatment reports
  • data sheets
  • your technician’s qualifications
  • insurance certificates

These documents should assist with your prerequisite programme for pest control before you carry out out your HACCP based procedures for your business.

Many insurance policies do not cover damage by pests, so don’t delay in calling us for a no-obligation survey and quote.