Bird control in Essex and beyond:
get rid of pigeons and seagulls fast

Professional bird control methods for pigeons and seagulls

We offer a service to remove pigeons in the Essex, London and South East. The Pest ID team are specialists in pigeon removal, using humane pigeon deterrent techniques to protect your property. 

All wild birds, their nests and eggs are protected by law in the UK under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, so it is critical that you call in the experts to deal with your bird control problem.

The methods we use will depend entirely upon your particular situation, as every premises is different. After carrying out a free survey, your friendly Pest ID technician will be able to tailor the best bird control solution to your specific scenario, using one or more of the following methods.

Pigeons nesting in your solar panels?

If you have solar panels on your roof, check out our page for pigeon proofing solar panels.

Bird deterrent methods

Bird netting

bird netting

Bird netting is a reliable, long-term method of bird proofing, protecting your premises without harming any birds or other wildlife. 

As a single net can protect multiple surfaces on which pigeons and seagulls are likely to perch, bird netting is often the most effective and versatile way to bird proof buildings.

Bird netting is also a very cost effective method of pigeon control, and as a result Pest ID have installed netting at many railway stations across the South East, helping keep pigeons away.

Bird spikes

bird spikes

Bird spikes are another humane pigeon deterrent, preventing them from roosting on almost any surface .

Available in either plastic or stainless steel, single row bird spikes are best suited to pigeon proof narrow ledges, whilst the wider, multi-row spikes can be used to protect wider surfaces.

Pigeon spikes can be attached to any surface material using a strong weatherproof adhesive, which is particularly useful when fixing to surfaces which cannot be drilled, such as lead or plastic.

Bird wire


A bird wire system is an excellent method of pigeon proofing, preventing feral pigeons and gulls from perching on the ledges and parapets of buildings. As it’s almost invisible, bird wire is an excellent option when aesthetics are an important consideration.

Made from stainless steel, the wire is held in place by posts which are fixed into stonework using anchor rivets. This makes bird wire a very versatile pigeon deterrent system that can be fitted to almost any surface, such as roof ridges and metal cladding.

Bird gel

bird gel

Made from food grade natural oils, the non-toxic bird gel gives off an ultraviolet light which birds perceive to be naked flames. The pigeon deterrent gel also contains cayenne pepper or chilli pepper which the birds detest, making this a particularly effective bird deterrent.

This form of bird control is very discreet, and simple to implement. If left undisturbed, the bird gel should remain active for at least two years.

Hawk kites

hawk kite

Hawk kites make an excellent choice of bird scarer, as they’re a safe and inexpensive way to keep pest birds away from farmland, buildings and any other locations where needed.

The hawk kite can be raised as high as 13 metres, making it visible to birds from quite some distance away. Designed to mimic real hawks, the hawk kite continually changes its flying pattern according to the strength of the wind, meaning that the problem birds don’t become accustomed to it.

Electric proofing

avishock bird scarer

Electric bird deterrent AVISHOCK™ is a bird scarer device proven not to harm birds. A low voltage track is secured to roosting sites, giving birds a mild shock when they come into contact with it.

Electric proofing is very discreet, and represents a low cost way to scare pigeons away.

Audio scarers

Audible bird-scaring deterrent systems can be programmed with numerous sounds at random to frighten and disperse pest birds, keeping them away from your property.

The wide range of sounds that can be used includes bird distress calls and the calls of predator birds arriving, as well as unfamiliar loud noises like a gun firing.

Systems configured with one or more of these noises can be a highly successful method of pest bird control for many species birds including pigeons and seagulls.

Laser scarers

laser scarer

Laser technology is an excellent bird deterrent for deploying across industrial and agricultural areas. Nuisance birds perceive the laser beams as an imminent threat, causing them to fly away from the protected area. The laser beams are animal and environment friendly, so don’t harm the birds.

The Agrilaser Handheld™ laser scarer can repel birds from range of 2.5 km, whilst the top of the range AVIX Autonomic™ model is fully automated and can be programmed to work around the clock, firing very precise beams of light towards hundreds of problem points over a much wider area.