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Bird Control Case Study:
Pigeon Guano Removal at
Colchester Barracks, Essex

The project

The old Sargeants’ Mess at Colchester Barracks is a Grade II listed building that was gutted in 2014, leaving more than 500 feral pigeons to colonise the entire building.

After being purchased by developers, surveyors and construction workers were unable to enter the site because the guano was too hazardous. Pest ID were brought in to seal the building and remove all of the pigeon droppings.

What we did

Firstly we had to pigeon proof the entire building.

Once the building had been sealed, nearly 8 tons of pigeon guano was soaked in disinfectant. This was then removed from the site and disposed of in the correct manner.

Ongoing trapping and culls have been carried out to prevent reinfestation.


a floor covered in pigeon guano
a floor covered in pigeon droppings


a room after the pigeon guano removal
a room after the pigeon droppings removal