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Case Study: Solar panel pigeon proofing remediation

The project

Christine in Rayleigh, Essex contacted us about the solar panel pigeon proofing, which had been fitted when her solar panels were first installed. The pigeon proofing had clearly failed, as pigeons were now able to access the area beneath the solar panels. However, the installation company was not answering her calls.

Unfortunately, Christine’s experience is all too common. Last year we completed 26 solar panel remediation jobs where customers had paid for solar panel pigeon proofing that had failed, and this number is rising. 

In these cases, we typically find that the installation companies have used substandard mesh, and/or poor quality plastic clips to secure the mesh to the solar panels, which become brittle and break. When approaching the companies to have this rectified, the customers have invariably been fobbed off, or had their calls blocked.

After providing a quote, Christine asked us to proceed. 

What we did

In Christine’s case, the solar panel pigeon proofing system used by the installation company had totally invalidated the panels manufacturer’s warranty, as they had drilled into the solar panels to secure the mesh with self-tapping screws. The mesh was also far too flimsy, allowing the birds to push their way underneath the solar panels.

We removed the defective pigeon proofing and replaced this with a system using rigid 12 gauge mesh (2.052 mm), which is much thicker than the 17 gauge (1.15mm) that most of our competitors seem to use.

This was cut and bent to shape on site, and secured with steel clips that didn’t damage the panels. We also cleared the area beneath the solar panels, removing the nesting materials and pigeon droppings that had built up.

Christine was delighted with the results, and provided the following unsolicited feedback:

“We had nothing but problems with the solar panel installers’ recommended company who originally installed mesh to stop pigeons nesting under the solar panels. Contacted Pest ID for advice and assistance. Ian was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Within 48 hours inadequate and ineffective mesh removed and more robust system with unique fixings designed specifically to fit securely to the roof and panels without risk of damage to either. I would have no hesitation and highly recommend Pest ID”


solar panel pigeon proofing
solar panel pigeon proofing


solar panel pigeon proofing
solar panel pigeon proofing