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Pigeon guano removal specialists

Pest ID’s friendly, qualified technicians are experts in pigeon guano removal. We can remove pigeon guano quickly and efficiently across London, Essex, Kent and East Anglia.

Pigeon guano health risks

Pigeon guano, or droppings, can become a serious problem over time. Besides being a health hazard, guano is highly acidic and will corrode the underlying surfaces. This can lead to expensive repairs. 

Bird droppings, when left to build up, can present serious health risks. These are the three most common diseases caused when dried-out guano is disturbed, and the airborne particles are inhaled: 


The bacteria Histoplasma Capsulatum causes a lung infection, leading to respiratory difficulties.


Caused by the Chlamydia Psittaci bacteria, the influenza-like symptoms may lead to severe pneumonia and non-respiratory health problems. 


This fungal infection is caused by the Cryptococcus bacteria. Effects include flu-like symptoms, a fever and, in extreme cases, can result in death.

Other diseases, such as e-coli, listeria, campylobacter and salmonella, can all be transmitted through direct contact with pigeon guano and other bird droppings.

Health and safety when cleaning up pigeon guano

It’s safe enough to remove individual bird droppings, but there are Health & Safety regulations which must be followed when it comes to dealing with larger quantities of pigeon guano. Because of the health risks already mentioned, it’s critical that measures are taken to protect staff and the general public at all times.

Given the Health & Safety regulations in place, it’s recommended that you call in the experts to remove bird droppings. At Pest ID, our friendly technicians are fully qualified in all aspects of pigeon guano removal.

Our pigeon guano removal process works as follows:

  • method statements and COSHH risk assessments will be completed prior to removal
  • our technicians will soak the droppings in guano biocide, wearing the required Personal Protective Equipment
  • treated guano will be removed layer by layer 
  • the bagged guano will be marked as hazardous waste and disposed of in the correct manner
  • fogging machines will be used to neutralise any harmful effects on all surfaces in the area
  • waste transfer notes and a duty of care certification will be provided
  • written treatment reports will be completed, confirming that all work has been completed to a high standard

Pigeon Guano Removal

Once the guano has been safely removed, we can also help you seal entry points to prevent a further build up of bird droppings. One popular and effective way of doing this is by installing bird mesh or netting.

If you have a pigeon guano problem then please get in touch – we’d love to help you.