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Case Study: Southend Leisure & Tennis Centre

The project

Large colonies of feral pigeons had been roosting on the roofs of the centre for many years, there we now major concerns that the build up of guano was becoming a health risk to any staff or contractors on the roof. If left untreated, it was feared that micro particles of harmful guano and feather dust could potentially infiltrate the air conditioning system.

What we did

A detailed risk assessment and method statement was created and approved by the client.

Using the correct Personal Protective Equipment, the guano was soaked in specialist guano biocide solutions. Layers of faeces were then removed, and the remaining matter soaked again until all solids were bagged and tagged as hazardous waste. Waste was then removed from the site and disposed of in the appropriate manner.

Once this process was completed, fogging machines were used so that microparticles of disinfectant permeated into even the tiniest of gaps to neutralise any harmful effects on all surfaces in the area.

Finally a choice of netting or steel mesh was offered to the client so tha the area could be bird proofed. Steel meshing was chosen so that an access gate could be fitted, allowing the on-site maintenance team to maintain the rooftop systems.

An overnight cull and pigeon trapping programme was also carried out to reduce the numbers of problematic feral pigeons, that would ultimately become displaced to other areas on the same site.


air conditioning equipment covered in pigeon guano
a floor covered in pigeon guano


air conditioning equipment after the pigeon guano removal
a room after the pigeon guano removal