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Dead Fox Removal Services

Dead Fox Property Removal For Essex & London


Finding an animal carcass on your property can not only be distressing to see, but also poses the problem of how to remove the body. Some animals, such as foxes and badgers, can be very difficult to dispose of due to their odour, the bacteria their bodies carry during the decomposition process, and their size. The legal obligation of removal falls to you as the owner of the property, so your local council are unable to help with this undesirable task. The best course of action when it comes to removing dead animals is to call in a professional. The experts from Pest ID are able to remove dead foxes in a safe and sanitary manner.

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What are the signs of having a dead fox on your property?

You may not spot a body straight away, but there are other signs that signal you have a dead fox on your property. You may notice really strong and overpowering smells, or find putrid bodily fluids that have leaked from the animal. Flies are attracted to a decomposing carcass, so you may notice a very bad fly infestation. When you do find a body it can be quite upsetting to see, and you may not wish to view it again and certainly not want to handle it.

Why is there a dead fox on your property?

An incredibly resourceful and adaptable animal, as towns and cities have encroached on their homes foxes have found a new area to thrive in. Out of the estimated 400,000 foxes found in the UK it is thought that over 150,000 of these are urban foxes. The London Wildlife Trust estimates that 10,000 of these reside in London. While the city life offers the urban fox plenty of food and areas to shelter in, their average lifespan is 18 months to 2 years with many foxes falling victim to road traffic accidents. Once injured foxes crawl to the nearest safe spot in order to die, which is often a residential garden.

Where could a dead fox potentially be found on my property?

A fox at the end of its life will tend to go off and hide, in order to die somewhere quiet and undisturbed. So the areas of your home that may potentially require dead fox removal are spaces like gardens, car parks, outbuildings and sheds. If you spot a dead fox in a public area, such on a public highway, this falls under your local councils remit and as such we are unable to assist with this.

What issues can a dead fox cause?

A dead fox is a potential health hazard due to a number of issues they can cause as they decay. Their bodies contain many types of bad bacteria as they decompose, and emit a sickening smell that gets worse in hot weather. Their bodies are often covered in fleas and ticks who will be looking for a new host. Other pests are also attracted by a dead fox – such as flies and maggots which appear in order to feed on the body.

Can I remove a dead fox by myself?

We would not recommend removing a dead fox by yourself, it is an unpleasant and potentially hazardous job which is best left to the professionals. A professional pest removal service will have the correct PPE required, which will include gloves and breathing apparatus – something a homeowner is unlikely to have access to. Removing the body also throws up the issue of how to clean up the area where the body has been lying – decaying matter and bodily fluids will need to be cleared and odours neutralised. Pest ID professionals are able to dispose of the carcass properly and hygienically, as we deep freeze small mammals and then send them off for incineration. 

Do Pest ID offer dead fox removal in commercial properties?

A dead fox in a commercial property is particularly concerning due to the health hazard that the body poses. There is also possible cross contamination from fly infestations in commercial properties. In domestic areas it can be distressing to residents, particularly children, along with neighbours and pets, to see and smell a dead fox. It also puts all these people at risk of the diseases associated with the bacteria and pests that a fox carcass attracts.

How much will dead fox removal cost?

Pest ID charges £200 + VAT for our dead fox removal services. This is subject to a risk assessment which will determine if the body is accessible. Pest ID are unable to remove fox carcasses from public highways and would instead recommend that you call your local council. We understand that this can be a distressing situation for home owners and always handle the situation with sensitivity and professionalism.