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White toilet in Bathroom

Can Rats Climb Out of Toilets?

Rats have been known to be able to climb out of toilets, and this is a common concern for many people. The ability of rats to escape from toilets is due to their natural climbing skills, which allow them to climb up pipes and other structures to reach their destination.

How Rats Climb Out of Toilets

Rats can easily climb vertical pipes, and toilets are no exception. They can also climb up the U-shaped bend in the sewer pipe, and this can lead them directly into the toilet bowl. Once they are inside the toilet bowl, they can use their sharp claws to climb up the side of the bowl and escape into the bathroom.

There are several factors that can contribute to rats entering toilets, including a broken sewer line, a clogged sewer pipe, or a cracked foundation. If a sewer line is damaged, rats can enter the pipes and travel into the building, where they can gain access to the toilet. If a sewer pipe is clogged, rats can use the pipe to gain access to the bathroom, and if the foundation is cracked, rats can enter the building through the foundation and into the toilet.

Preventing Rats From Entering Property Through Toilets

To prevent rats from climbing out of toilets, it is important to keep the bathroom and the sewer pipes clean and well-maintained. This includes regular cleaning of the toilet bowl, regularly checking the sewer pipes for cracks and damage, and sealing any cracks or gaps in the foundation.


Rats can indeed climb out of toilets due to their sharp claws and excellent, natural climbing abilities. To prevent rats from entering toilets, it is important to keep the bathroom and the sewer pipes maintained and checked by professionals accordingly – ensuring any cracks or damage in the sewer pipes or foundation are promptly addressed. If you do encounter a rat in your toilet or bathroom, it is important to stay calm and get professional advice from pest control experts. If a rat makes it into the toilet, it is essential to ensure pest-proofing measures are taken and that all pests are removed.