Wasp removal in Suffolk: get rid of wasps fast

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We can help you get rid of wasps

There are seven varieties of wasp located in the UK; four prevail throughout Suffolk and the South East.

The Common Wasp This is the wasp you most often come into contact with. Its nest is yellow/brown in colour and is discovered in loft spaces, garden sheds, air block cavities, as a matter of fact any void that can supply warmth and shelter.

The German Wasp This wasp is similar in colour and markings to the Common Wasp yet very much larger. Its workers are typically misidentified for the Queen of the Typical Wasp. They have grey shaded nests and are discovered in comparable places to the Usual Wasp. This wasp is strongly vigorous and the smallest irritation can easily set off a mass attack, which can be really disturbing even when using complete defensive clothes.

The Norwegian Wasp Until a few years ago this wasp was only found in the North of the UK but is now prevelant throughout the South East. Its nests are almost always built in trees and shrubs , with the nest encircling many divisions to assist its weight distribution. The nest is grey/green in color and often really hard to see. If you encroach within a few feet of the nest, this wasp is extremely territorial and will commonly attack in numbers. We have actually seen a lot of garden enthusiasts severely stung, having disrupted a nest when pruning hedges.

The Tree Wasp This is the smallest of wasps discovered in the UK. Once again it is comparable in appearance to the Usual Wasp however considerably smaller sized. Its nest is generally underground in left bunny openings or similar places. They are the most aggressive of all wasps located in this country. The vibration produced by walking numerous feet from the nest can easily set off an frightening attack.

Wasp removal

All wasps start to develop nests in April / May and can be a major annoyance throughout the summertime and autumn. Reaction to a sting can easily vary from an aching puffiness to the potentially deadly Anaphylactic shock if allergic to their sting.

We will manage the nest or entrance point with a pesticide particle spray, killing all wasps within a few hours. When a nest is established, you will not be able to effectively and securely eliminate it.