Squirrel removal in Suffolk: get rid of squirrels fast

a squirrel

We can help you get rid of squirrels

The grey squirrel can nest in your wall surface cavities, between false walls and in loft spaces. The squirrel could also use roof insulation for nesting products, and nibble boxes and various other products stored in the roof covering room. In some circumstances they have been understood to chomp electric cables and roofing joists creating a potentially harmful condition, at the same time triggering the complication of unwanted sound.

The grey squirrel is a non-indigenous species and is not protected. In fact it is prohibited to ‘live trap’ a grey Squirrel and then release it back into the wild.

At Pest ID Suffolk, we only use ‘killing traps’ as a control method. This without a doubt is the most humane method of squirrel and unlike using toxins, the body is always recovered.