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We can help you get rid of bed bugs

Bedbugs are becoming a major problem all over the world.  The rapid growth of this problem is because they spread easily and are difficult to treat. Only professional treatment will ensure removal of bed bugs. We are based in Suffolk and have extensive experience of dealing with bedbug removal.

What are bed bugs?

This pest is a true bug that has evolved over millions of years, and now feeds largely on human blood.  They will also feed on domestic pets.

Bed bugs were virtually eradicated in the UK by 1950, after the development of pesticides. However, in recent years, they have actually been making a fast come back across the country, including areas of Suffolk, and no place has been immune from their spreading.

Several of the factors for this increase are:

  • Increased worldwide travel
  • A general decrease in the use of residual pesticides
  • Movement of infested furniture and residents in between rental properties
  • Failure to immediately identify and deal with infestations, causing migration of the Bed Bugs
  • Central heating, giving ideal, year round breeding conditions

Bed bugs can easily infest business premises as well as domestic dwellings, including hotels, healthcare facilities, prisons and public transport.  The means by which they are brought into an environment are numerous, and include:

  • a visitor bringing infested travel luggage or by means of their clothing
  • the person’s baggage or clothes becoming infested during a trip
  • the introduction of infested second hand furniture, specifically sofas, mattresses and beds
  • the migration of bed bugs from an infested , adjacent property

How will I know if I have bed bugs?

The first that many people know of an infestation is when they discover blood spots on their bed linen and bites. However significant numbers of the population do not experience a reaction to the bite, and so an infestation problem could go many months before various other signs such as eggs, shed skins or bed bugs themselves are seen.

The longer an infestation goes unattended, the more challenging it is to get rid of. Consequently if you live in a higher risk location or think you might have been exposed to Bed Bugs in other places you ought to inspect your mattress, bed and surrounding furnishings for indications of Bed Bugs at the very least once a month.

How to effectively deal with bed bug infestations

A typical infestation will call for two separate treatments, the second being 7 – 10 days after the initial one. Some business settings could require a more intensive regime.

On our arrival at your property we will need to perform a comprehensive survey and then carry out pesticide treatment of all impacted areas, consisting of beds, mattresses , bedside furniture, skirting, curtains, floorings and door frames and so on.

You will be needed to leave the property throughout treatment and continue to be outside for at the very least three hours. All chemicals used are approved under COSHH 1999.

Typical bed bug bites on an Suffolk lady's arm

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If you believe you may have a bed bug problem, then please call us immediately. We provide bed bug removal across Suffolk, including Ipswich, Haverhill, Felixstowe, Sudbury, Stowmarket and Kesgrave.

At Pest ID we pride ourselves on our high standards of customer service and professionalism, and we are also registered with both the BPCA and CEPA.

We can eradicate your bed bug problem quickly and effectively, and ensure it does not return.