Rabbit removal in Suffolk: get rid of rabbits fast

two brown rabbits

We can help you get rid of rabbits

Despite the rabbits cute reputation as a much loved children’s pets, they are also a major pest species in the UK. Their ability to breed as well as chew, eat and dig through most landscapes phenomenal.

As with most pests, the infestation problem will get much worse if the rabbit population is left unchecked.


With seven rabbits eating as much as a single sheep, it’s easy to see how a modest population of rabbits can have a major impact on crops.  Rabbit warrens also pose a threat to livestock, and animals breaking legs in rabbit holes is a common occurance.

Rabbits can play havoc with trees, with ring barking (gnawing around the base of a tree) being the most common problem.  Trees will die in those cases where the bark is completely removed by rabbits Even if the rabbits only chew part of the way round the trunk, this can easily lead to disease and fungi taking hold.


Rabbits just love eating plants and flowers, much to the annoyance of proud gardeners across Suffolk. Besides the cost of replacing treasured plants, their droppings are a nuisance and rabbit urine damages lawns, making them look scruffy.
Rabbits are notorious for digging scrapes whilst seeking young shoots, often resulting in lawns having to be replaced, at great expense to the owner. Garden fruit trees often come under attack, meaning expensive replacements.
Wild rabbits can also pass on diseases to unvaccinated pet rabbits. These include myxomatosis and Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease 2 (RVHD2), both of which can result in the loss of the pet.