Rat Removal in Suffolk: get rid of rats fast

We can help you get rid of rats

Rats are the one of the most hated of all pests. They damage products and residential property across Suffolk, and carry diseases such as Leptospirosis, also known as called Weil’s Disease (verbalized Veiling’s). This disease is transferred to people in the urine of contaminated rats. It is usually linked with watercourses and, sewers as well as damp dirt, where there is rat problem. Other ailments linked with rats are salmonella and the less typical rat-bite fever and typhoid. Parasites caused by rats include, tapeworm, roundworm, ringworm, fleas and ticks .

The typical lifetime of a rat is one year. Gestation duration for a rat is 3 weeks, and the female rat can easily bring to life about TWENTY young a annually (4-6 each time). The young are weaned at 4-5 weeks, and at 3 months old they prepare to start reproducing.

Rats may nest in your residential property, in the loft, under the flooring or behind kitchen cabinets. They prefer to live outdoors in underground burrows or under outbuildings and so on.

We generally become entailed when the property owner begins listening to noises in the loft space / between floors, or notices burrows showing up outside. Often rats may be sighted in the residential property or droppings and visible signs of damages become apparent.

Rat control is usually possible indoors making use of pasta or wax based rodenticides. Outside it will be necessary to use bait boxes, or direct baiting of the rat burrow, to prevent poisoning of non target species. A minimum of 2-3 visits to a property will be called for to get rid of an infestation.

We then supply proofing services, taking physical actions to stop further invasions.

Once in a while an infestation develops because of a broken drain or sewer line, allowing rats access to the property. If this is suspected we would suggest a CCTV drainpipe study.

If you need to get rid of rats in Ipswich, Haverhill, Felixstowe, Sudbury, Stowmarket, Kesgrave, or anywhere across Suffolk then please get in touch.