Moth removal in Suffolk: get rid of moths fast

a moth

We can help you get rid of moths

Despite not being a particular health concern, moths are a a pest in many homes and businesses, due to the damage their larvae can cause to clothes and other textiles, in particular carpets.

The damage will get worse over many weeks once the moth larvae have hatched, causing serious harm, so nipping your moth problem in the bud could save you lots of trouble and expense.

Treatments for clothes moths and carpet moths can be rather complex, so professional control will be required if you want to achieve lasting results.

How can Pest ID help

Your friendly Pest ID technician will be able to identify the exact species of moth or carpet beetle, and then use the best treatment for your circumstances to eradicate the problem.  If you already have a moth infestation, then using moth repellents is pointless, as a zero-insect count is required before these will work effectively.

The treatment for clothes moths or carpet beetles will vary, depending on what they are feeding on and the rate of infestation. Suitable treatments include fumigation, smoke generation and the spraying of insecticides.

Using general insecticides to get rid of moths will not work, as moth eggs are not porous, . This means that residual insecticides will have be applied to the egg sites, providing an active insecticide layer that will eradicate the hatching larvae as they come into contact with the treated surface.

This process may need to be repeated to attack the next generation, ensuring that we eradicate larvae capable of turning into adults and then continue the breeding cycle.  Treatments taking place during the winter and cooler months are staged slightly further apart as incubation periods are much slower.