Pigeon removal in Oakham: get rid of pigeons fast

get rid of pigeons in oakham

We can help you get rid of pigeons - Professional bird control

Our Pest ID team are pigeon removal and bird control experts and we are accredited by the British Association of Pest Control. We can help you get rid of pigeons fast. 

Bird proofing is a very exciting area with lots of innovative new developments to non-lethally remove bird problems from your land. It is important to note that all wild birds, their nests and eggs are protected by law under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This doesn’t prevent a bird problem from being solved however just that the bird problem and bird control methods need to be carefully considered. Contact us today for more information about bird and pigeon control. 

Pigeons nesting in your solar panels?

If you have solar panels on your roof, check out our page for pigeon proofing your solar panels.

Pigeon removal and control methods

Bird netting

Bird netting is an effective bird deterrent that provides a discreet barrier protecting your premises without causing any actual harm to the birds.

Bird netting is the most effective and long lasting way of bird proofing buildings against problem birds such as pigeons and seagulls. It is particularly effective in large open spaces as one net can be used to protect many places where birds are likely to perch.

Bird netting is often the most cost effective bird control method and as such Pest ID are responsible for netting against pigeons at many of the railway stations in the South East.

Bird spikes

A flexible and easily installed method of preventing pigeons from landing on almost any surface. Forcing the pigeons to move elsewhere without harming them. Especially effective against pigeon and seagull infestations.

Plastic or stainless steel bird spikes are available and come in single rows used for narrow ledges or wider multi-row spikes where deeper protection is required.

The pigeon spikes can be attached to any surface material using a strong weatherproof adhesive to avoid the need to penetrate the surface. This is particularly useful when the surface cannot be drilled like with lead or plastic surfaces.

Bird wire

Bird wire is a virtually invisible tension wire system to prevent birds perching without causing any damage to the aesthetics or the construction of a building. It is especially effective in preventing pigeons and seagulls from perching on the ledges and parapets of buildings.

Bird wire consists of stainless steel wire supported by stainless steel posts, which are fixed into stonework using anchor rivets. This makes bird wire a very versatile bird deterrent system which can be fitted to almost any surface, such as roof ridges and metal cladding.

Laser scaring

New technology has allowed development of exciting new laser scarers that are non-lethal, silent and very effective in scaring birds. From hand held ‘laser guns’ used to move on problem birds from miles away to fully automated programmable machines that work around the clock firing very precise beams of light towards hundreds of problem points – if set high enough, effective up to 2,500 metres away – even in daylight.

Electric proofing

Electric bird deterrent AVISHOCK™ is a bird scarer device proven not to harm birds. A low voltage track is secured to roosting sites and where birds perch this gives the perpetrator a mild shock when they come into contact. It is very discreet and low cost to run.


Non-toxic pots of optical gels are strategically place where pigeons cause problems. To the pigeons these pots appear to be on fire and will deter them from landing.

Pastes that contain cayenne pepper or chilli pepper extracts make it uncomfortable for birds to perch. They can easily be applied on ledges and perching points deterring the routine of birds landing at high pressure points. These gels are very discreet and extremely easy to implement.

Audio scarers

Fully programmable with numerous bird distress calls, these scarers play pre-programmed calls at random to disperse birds and make areas uncomfortable for them to return. Solar powered versions are available for very remote sites.