• Solar Panels are a great investment, however there are also many down sides to them. Pigeons and other vermin see them as a perfect nesting place and that can cause serious problems.

    • Great for pigeons

      Solar panels are ideal nesting and roosting places for pigeons. It will keep them warm and sheltered all year around. They also feel safe from predators which makes them the ideal place to bring up their young. Given time, your roof will be the pigeon hub for the entire street

      Bad for you

      Being woken up at the crack of dawn by cooing and scratching noises, gutters blocked & overflowing with pigeon guano and your garden / car being used as the local bird toilet are common complaints. Bird mites entering the house from nests can also become a problem.

    • Very Bad for Solar Panels – Pigeon Guano, can also damage the solar panels and components. It can also massively decrease the solar power generated.

      Our solutions do not damage the panels and do not invalidate any warranties

    • After Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels